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Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:37 am
by steve
A thread to post some things from the past that you might have ....old reviews pics...etc

I said I was going to post some old "stuff" that I have... some of it might be floating around the net... it was all up on the website at one point. So to start with this is an interview with Graham that was done i think around November 2004 by our very own "the girl with no name" who was at College at the time. There was to be a follow up interview that I tried to arrange but because of one thing or another it didn't happen. Anyway this is the interview

First up, I feel like I need to establish the boundaries here. A little later, may I be so bold as to ask you a bit about Blur?

Of course. I might not answer, but you can ask.

Grand. I'll have a go then. But now, for people who live in a cave as 90% of our listeners do, who exactly are you Mr Coxon?

That's a very good question. Who am I? I'm an ex-art school musician who used to be in a famous band called Blur and am now making solo records, or continuing to make them. It's very different now. I just have to remember to ask for help.

And what is going on for you at the moment?

Well, I've just been touring for the last three weeks, all over Europe. I liked Germany; I'm not into Berlin, it's too huge and empty and imposing, but Munich was good. I was in Spain too. I had to come back for three days to sign some art prints, but that was it. The rest of the time I was touring.

Yes, I was going to ask you about that because I found myself in Barcelona at the same time as you, so I popped along to see you. You did? That was a really funny gig.

I had noticed you were having lots of giggles on stage.
Well, it was just a bit weird, wasn't it?
Everything was remarkably fast. I thought you were going to combust during Freakin' Out.

Yeah, we like to play stuff fast. This set-list is strange because there's a big bit in the middle where we really have to concentrate, and then we just go a bit mad. But those audiences in Spain, they were just so stoned. I don't like playing to audiences like that because they just don't do anything. I'm up here with my band and we're working really hard and they are just stoned. So, we just think fuck 'em, and we do what we like.

I was with a friend who had never heard any of your solo stuff other than Freakin' Out and she was really surprised and impressed by your solo sound.
Solo sound? What's that mean?

Your direction, your general approach. It seems that leaving Blur has unleashed an inner punk beast from within. Is that symptomatic of circumstances or is it just you?

Well, I think it's me. I think that's what happens. Damon wrote a lot of the fast stuff in Blur for me really. It's the faster bands that made me want to play guitar, bands like The Jam. But do you know what, it's the clothes I wear. It's the clothes that influence the music I'm going to play. Right now I'm wearing my shoes that I had at Goldsmiths. They still have the paint on them. I?m going to keep them forever - they're lucky shoes. I've also got this school type jumper thing of mine on and I've been wearing a black tie recently but I'll start phasing that out at the end of the week. It's for John Peel.

Have any tributes that you have seen or things you have heard written about John Peel stood out from the others?

I think just the things that have been said about the way he talked. He would talk to everyone in the same way, whether it was the milkman or the prime minister. He was just really genuine.

Going back to the show in Barcelona quickly; that was one hell of a line-up. If you could put on a gig and headline it, who would you put underneath you on the bill and where would it be?

I love the Forum actually, so can it be here? And ... ... [really long pause]... [still thinking] ... ...who would I have with me?... ...[maybe this is a crap question? I thought it was okay, but...] er ... ... that's cool [phew] but I don't know, can we come back to that so I can think of someone?

Of course... Now for the quick fire questions. I like to call this the QuickFireFour because it sounds snappy. So...

1) What was the last band that blew you away, or the last CD that didn't come out of your CD player?

That would be 'Up the Bracket.' When I finally heard the Libertines, I had never heard anything before with that kind of spirit.

Er, okay, bonus question time: Why did I see Pete Doherty at the door and why were you soundchecking with 'Time for Heroes'?

Because Pete's coming onstage tonight to play it with us. He wants to play all the time and you just can't stop him. We share the same birthday, me and him. So we have a psychic connection.

Okay, I promise I won't tell anyone before and ruin the surprise.

2) Ever bought anything from Ebay?

Oh yeah. I bought these old Gringo boots but when they came they had to go to the charity shop. They were just a bit big and not quite right. But I got a belt-buckle once. It was from a whole bundle of belt-buckles that were confiscated by the US government because of their drug references. This one said LSD and had mad patterns behind it. It's great.

3) What's your most prized possession?

I suppose my little Martin acoustic guitar is quickly becoming a prize possession. It's a lovely guitar. I bought it at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 2001 before I had cleaned up. I was really pissed and I didn't know what I was doing. Well, I must have known what I was doing really because it's turned out to be such a great guitar and now its my favourite. These shoes too; they're lucky shoes. And my yellow cravat that I sometimes wear, I suppose that's a prized possession now too.

4) Do you talk to your neighbours?

Yes, I have two ace neighbours. I live down this lovely little street and yes, we talk. When I got back from being away they had all the parcels that people had tried to deliver for me. There was a reversible waistcoat; one side moleskin, one side tweed. Lovely. And a jacket. No, we all have Halloween parties and stuff like that when the kids are in bed.

So, here it comes. The Blur part of the interview. What was the highlight of your time in Blur?

Er... [really long pause - was that a pin dropping?]. I was moaning so much the whole time I forgot that anything might actually be a highlight. I suppose 'Star Shaped', when you forget all the pretentious bollocks in that, that's a really good rockumentary. That was our first time on the festival circuit and it was all pretty new. Overwrought. That's what it was. Yeah, as a highlight, I'd say 'Star Shaped'.

we don?t like confrontation. We like conflict resolution.
Conflict resolution, you say?

Yes. We have recently been heartened to hear gossip, rumours, grape-vine murmurings that you got together to talk about recording again.
That wasn't about recording, but we were talking. It was about legalities, and just to talk really, and to sort out those relationships a bit.

And have you sorted them out?

Yes. No. You know, I don't know. It was only a couple of months ago, so we'll just have to see.

Well, thank you very much for letting us pry.
Conversation then turned, as it does so frequently, to funny second-hand cameras, strange coffee shops in Barcelona, and how digital cameras are the biggest con of all time. Stay tuned whilst we wait for the photos to be developed...

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Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:08 pm
by steve





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Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:01 pm
by Gypsy
Those are nice pics, Steve! Got any more?

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Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:04 am
by steve
Yes I do. most of them were taken by fans around 2004 - 05. I will put them up when I have time.

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Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:01 pm
by mishmosh
I haven't seen those before, many thanks!

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Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:07 pm
by Bronwyn
Nice little interview and great pics, cheers!

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Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:13 pm
by steve
i think this was around 2005 ... some photos in the studio with stuffy the fuses... ... 926245855/

link below to some of their music - join me or die is a really good album.

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Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:08 pm
by steve
not even one comment... :lol: poor old stuffy, one time active member of the forum now forgotten drummer. Oh how times have changed, i remember some forum members were all over him when he posted...

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Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:41 am
by Zooks
Nice to read that old interview. And the pix. Thanks, Steve.

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Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:57 am
by steve
i'll need to put some more up