...YIKES !!...,

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...YIKES !!...,

Post by skweetis2u » Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:35 pm

sorry for the caps - but it was Scary -
normally a link pops right up on my first entry to google

IT DISSAPPEARED !! but !! there was a new "one"
not like the old one - something different
linking up to a listen to "Falling"
and then when i tried all my old stored links
to the forum here - i kept getting directed to the same new page
Not to here -

actually i think i cleared my browsing history
a couple daze ago - got pretty extreme
deleted everything i guess
so anyway - duhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i just feel lucky to have stumbled across this "old link"
duhhhhhhhh -

until i just got here now
i was thinking maybe the board was gone
Management Decision
or some such thing
and everybody is s'posd to flock to some new site
i don't know - maybe

at least i got two different invites to
listen to "falling"
blur fanclub was one
the other just said grahm coxon
as the senter - tks GC !

so if this thing posts
and everything seems fine - i may go on a
posting surge -
basically posting my experience with becoming
a GC fan and then getting to see a few shows
getting to meet the man - a fine and humble being
and most of all - getting o meet other board members
along the different cities on the england tour of "spring" 2006
you call that fkn spring
it snowed up in NorthHampton - (fk - is that a real place - northHampton
or is my memory just shot - worn out - useless
we'll see - anyway - i just might do that
tell a few stories
try to keep it interesting
protecting the innocent of course
hopefully the "few" boardmembers i name
won't be offended in any way -
OKAY SO THAT'S IT oooppss sorry about those last cps

so anybody that thinks i should just fuhhhhhggggeedddddabouttttit
just say so - i might take your advice to heart and of course - might ignore it

i'm not starting now - but actually - of course i have...,

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Re: ...YIKES !!...,

Post by mishmosh » Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:28 pm

Hi Skweets. You really were in a muddle, but glad you found us again in the end. Pass me the doobie! :P

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Re: ...YIKES !!...,

Post by Fogg » Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:07 pm

I'm looking forward to your posting frenzy.

It's GrahamCoxon.com if you lose your links again.... Steve secured the hardest to forget URL possible. :D

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Re: ...YIKES !!...,

Post by steve » Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:59 am

go for it skweets .... i'm pretty much of the same mind...

oh and as for this forum, just had a look and it now comes up second on google if you search graham coxon forum... just below the official site... now the official site, what can i say... if i want to go number 1 top of the pops, i'll do it :lol: i blew them away back in the day when graham was releasing records... :lol: haha yeah remember that time... i don't want to blow my own trumpet, i've never done that i've always kept silent on all that... but i'm not going anywhere...you can close down the official fans forum but you'll never close down the voice of the fans... now don't get me wrong, i not saying that was the reason the forum was closed because i spoke to the guy who's decision it was to close it and he gave me the reasons why... fine fair enough... we all make decisions... anyway we move on... the future is what matters... many people over the years asked me why do you do that, why spend the time on the forum or the website... i'll tell you why, for you the fans, that is it... that is what it has always been about for me. now i am open to criticism if you want to have a go at me feel free, i won't delete it... my record over the years shows that... it's not about me it is about you.... i'm just a fan like you and i will provide a platform for the fans to voice their opinion... if someone wants to come along and do something similar then great... i'm all for that. or if you want to get involved in this the door is open. my view has always been that the fans are the life blood of any artist and their opinion matters.... and with that have a lovely sundat :D

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Re: ...YIKES !!...,

Post by Zooks » Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:57 am

Well said, Steve. Now where's the posting frenzy, skweets? Looking forward to hearing those old stories.

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Re: ...YIKES !!...,

Post by mishmosh » Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:32 pm

Where is Skweetie? Maybe he has joined The Melvins.

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Re: ...YIKES !!...,

Post by steve » Sun Feb 04, 2018 7:22 pm

mishmosh wrote:
Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:32 pm
Where is Skweetie? Maybe he has joined The Melvins.
Skweetis on drums :lol:

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Re: ...YIKES !!...,

Post by skweetis2u » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:03 pm

Oi - Hello there - where have i been? fer crissakes...,
glad to see the Squier getting all into it with
"the end of the fkn world"
presently i'm living way the fk out in the woods
middle of nowhere and can't access netflix at this time
but that will change soon -
i'm moving back to seattle...,
before this year ends....
my gf from mexico is in the process
of getting up here (usa) right now
that will be nice & a challenge (to behave)
but it is back to seattle for me....

hope you lot are all doing well
it is tuff to find out all your hopes are based on such gross lies
tip of the hat to Missionof Burma for that thought
gawd they were a good a band
saw em by accident the first time
they were opening for a local seattle band that had become
quite popular "Visible Targets"
MofB were calling themselves "Moving Parts"
what a nice surprise that was - mesmerizing
blew away the headliners
i need some Missionof Burma right now
just wanted to say hello - yeah i'm still here
and agree the world is getting more nasty by the day
but - seems like it always was this
Music helps me cope -m thank you Graham et. al.
cerainly miss the coxon band on tour - but....
what are ya gonna do - just wait him out
until he gets the urge....
i need a good excuse to abandon ship and head for London....

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