A Day without a Mexican

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A Day without a Mexican

Post by skweetis2u » Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:27 am

....well Yeah -

jusr watched this "movie"
on FSTV (Free Speech Television)
here in the USSSA on directv

first time is always the best isn't it ?

especially with movies & live bands - etc., etc., etc.,

if you can find it anywhere in your internet universe
Please Watch it !

i just did ( for the first time ) and it was better than good

since this is a come-on to get you to seek this "thing" out
i'm just gonna quit here on the accolades
and just say it is a moving piece of "film"

yeah - as in Yeah_!!
it pretty much sums up my take on the subject

we can talk about it later - after you've viewed it...,

god forbid any of "you" have reached for the trigger
and checked out my FB "page"
or heaven forbid actually looked over my posting history

i'd say forgive me - i am appalled and can only
there must be more
more like me i mean
who are just overwhelmed by the opposing views
realize arguing is self destructive
and all i have been able to come up with
is "Snark" - most of you know what snark means
it's not something to be Proud of - That's Certain
but being overwhelmed by reality
it was the best i could come up with
to respond to the Hate & Ignorance
that i felt i was facing....

So - A day without a Mexican will definitely
be worth the 90 minutes you give it
whether you agree with the premise or not.

and as for my "Snark" issue
i may just abandon facebook totally
sometime soon - to try to rehab my
mental well being -

not until i move my ass back up to Seattle
and civilization as i know it
which is happening any day now

rather than go on and on & on
trying to expose my entire life story
i won't - that would be a Huge Mistake
No matter how precious or whatever it might be
It's just not Relevant to anything really
or anyone except me -

And it's only me who needs to understand the thing
it only needs to be relevant for me - to me

so you all are totally off the hook

please read my stuff for entertainment value only

i would be a Fool to expect anything else

but Please - if you can - enjoy it for whatever it might be worth

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Re: A Day without a Mexican

Post by Jakob » Mon Dec 17, 2018 6:35 pm

I can deffo recommend a facebook/news detox of a couple of weeks, it really does improve your mental state and reinvigorates you for the battle for good!

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