Oh Well

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Oh Well

Post by skweetis2u » Wed Dec 12, 2018 6:16 am

here we go again -
Over the Years - and there's been a lot of em for me...,
i've for whatever reason looked back and assessed my
musical experience - what have i seen ? what have i heard ?
and always end up trying to list the 5 or ten best
Shows i've ever seen or witnessed or been a part of
and i've decided to do it again and share it with whoever
might be here - a part of this thing going on here -

i've been quite lucky, being in the right place at the right time -
for that i am eternally grateful -

so - let's get on with it...,

the best show i've ever seen was
Jeff Beck playing with carmen appice & tim bogert
it was at Winterland in San Francisco - 1973 maybe 74
i'd have to google it to be sure & well it just doesn't seem neccessary
uhhh - i was living in & around san francisco at the time
what a blessing that was - because live music - rock and roll
had become a sort of religion for me
Winterland was the cathedral the church where it all happened
at that time anyway-

the world was a s fucked up then as it is now - for sure

and live shows were a respite from the madness

so - what made that show so great ?
Jeff Beck for sure
he was just a young one himself at he time
but yet quite accomplished and able on the fender stratocaster

Winterland was Bill Graham's venue in san francisco
after the fillmore - it held 10X more people

so what made Beck - bogert & appice so Great ?
well - i guess it was the content of their delivery

i had heard a few of jeff becks albums prior to the show
and he was an impressive guitar player on record
but i had no idea what i was in store for that day i rode by
winterland on my 450 Honda motorcycle -

at the time i was a recent graduate of the united states merchant marine academy
@ Kings Point, New York - and a member of the Masters Mates & pilots union
shipping out as a 3rd mate on american flag merchant ships
our union hall was just a half mile away from winterland and i was
blessed in having already experienced a few (a lot) of shows in san francisco
and being mobile when i was there i would often cruise by winterland
just to check out the marquee billboard announcing the shows in the next few daze

bill graham was putting on 4-5 shows a week at the time
3 bands every night - winterland had been a ice skating rink
huge floor space & permanent seating around the ice and a wrap around balcony
they had ice hockey teams back in the old days and that was what
Winterland was all about - seated 3-4 thousand and the floor could accommodate another 1500 - 2000

so back to jeff beck - and the show he put on that night
having already become a fan due to his records
when i saw "beck- bogert & appice" on the marquee
it was just one of those instant decisions which were so easy when i was quite young

to describe the Winterland - well - it was a place to be free
in those daze you could smuggle in a bottle of booze
there were no real inspections - and Weed was the drug of choice
and believe it or not people shared what they had with the strangers
next to them - and for the first year or 2 there was actually a bar
upstairs (shut down eventually for serving underage)

so what made jeff beck so special -
well - i guess you had to be there -
he was wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots
and he played without using a pick -
i was lucky - got right up front for this one

and believe it - they played 6 encores - Six
as in SIX - like i said i had been there before
the crowd at winterland was jaded - used to seeing the
Best the World had to offer and they (we) would not let
jeff leave and jeff was not in a hurry to leave
god bless the boy -
i couldn't for a moment try to describe the goings on
nobody left = everybody kept clapping in unison
and chanting whatever simple phrase seemed appropriate
but nobody was leaving -
it was a once in a lifetime experience
not just the music itself but the interaction between the crowd
and the band - honestly after the first couple of encores
i'm sure the band felt like they had delivered the goods & goodnight folks
but the intensity of the music had created an intensity in the audience
relentless - oh well you had to be there i guess - google it - tell me what you think

so - everytime i think about the Bes shows i've ever seen
jeff beck comes in on top - doubtful that will ever change....

so #2 was also a show at winterland
Fleetwood Mac with stevie nicks and Lindsay B
debuting their new album Rumours
there was so much Magic there that night
just unbelievable
the memory i still carry of that show
is Lindsay playing his guitar and just gliding across the stage
like some sort of transcendental animal
during his solo in Go Your own way

gotta stop before i get boring

but #3 was Joe walsh and the James Gang
at the New york academy of music jan 3 1970
the james gang were the opening act out of 3
the second act was B B King and his band
the headliner was supposed to be a band
called Canned Heat but they had all overdosed on Heroin
after arriving in NYC and were not available
so the last minute replacement as headliner
was a band called Vanilla Fudge who had already seen their
heights of glory and were kinda has beens at the time
people got up and walked out when that was announced
but my group was all extremely high on LSD
and weren't capable of getting up or going anywhere

just an odd side note - the rhythm section of the Vanilla fudge
bass & drums were carmen appice and tim bogert
see #1 if you need a refresh on that....

well - that's all folks -

i could go on a few more #'s

tks for reading

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Re: Oh Well

Post by skweetis2u » Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:31 am

Yeah - so - please don't get me wrong
i'm not trying to Brag or impress here

really just sharing my life experience
with people who might appreciate it

obviously i am older than Fuck
luckily still healthy but definitely
not the same person i was when i was
early twenties - i don't go to a lot of shows anymore
those daze of boundless energy and curiousity are gone
gone for good - but - life is strange
it can be really good and really bad and unpredictable to boot
so my goal is to encourage everyone to take it to the limit
your own limit and don't be discouraged
not by anyone or anything - cuz we are surrounded by
beauty and grace - one just needs to stay open to the possibility

and just to hammer the thought home and try to make it relevant
i would Thank the Squier - GC himself for carrying on in thesame
rarified air as Jeff Beck and all the above mentioned artists
it has been a Genuine Pleasure to find the same spirit and musical skills
in graham and his efforts as i did with #'s 1, 2, & 3 and yes many other
Greats who have blessed us all over the years with their spirits and efforts

We've been blessed with these artists and most of you understand that

Live shows are the ultimate gift

so turn off the teevee - get off your butt and out the door
take a friend and enjoy what the artists in this world have to offer
cuz it is a consummate respite from the relentless bullshit
we are forced to endure to survive in this dystopian present reality
not of our own making
and you will get lucky
no guarantees offered
Just go see King Buzzo & theMelvins
next time they come to your town
and Hey - if you don't like em -
well hell - i guess you've got Better taste than i do....

god bless and Happy Holidaze !!

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Re: Oh Well

Post by steve » Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:30 pm

i don't think you are bragging, you've seen some great bands live so why wouldn't you talk about that. too many people seem reluctant to talk about the things they like, i don't get it. so keep posting, i know it is difficult when you don't get much feedback but i always enjoy reading your posts skweets... the life experience thing is interesting, we all come from different backgrounds and we have different opinions on things ... that to me is great. i enjoy listening to other people talking about things i like...

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Re: Oh Well

Post by skweetis2u » Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:28 am

..Great & Tks Steve
Merry Christmas - happy holidaze to you & yours
& Everybody else....

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Re: Oh Well

Post by Fogg » Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:19 am

Yeah, I'm with Steve... I enjoy your tales and I'd rather you share them than sit on your hands.

I just see a epic post like that and if I'm on the go I don't feel like I've time to hammer out a response fit to follow it.

And even if I had the time I don't have the tales... Recounting that time Level 42 brought their slick vanilla dirge to Cambridge in the early 90s is unlikely to impress anyone. :D

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Re: Oh Well

Post by skweetis2u » Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:58 am

...tks fogg - appreciated !
& i am positive you are being a bit too modest
or maybe way too much ??

and honestly - what would any reader
appreciate more - the Rants about the Great Music
or the more subtle glimpses into another human's life

Honestly - i think it would be the latter...,

We Humans are born with Curiousity as the
Primal Force to help Keep us Alive...,

am i right or am i wrong ?

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Re: Oh Well

Post by Jakob » Mon Dec 17, 2018 6:32 pm

Who's this old fart talking about other old farts? :lol:

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